What is Chirimen craftwork?

Chirimen* (crepe fabric) craftwork is said to have begun in the Edo period amongst well-educated upper-class women. When they made kimono, they kept the scraps and sewed them into dolls, animals, flowers and more. The fabric is very vivid and beautiful. The wrinkled texture, called “shibo,” gives the pieces added appeal, thus Chirimen continue to be loved by many people who appreciate handicrafts.

About Chirimen craftwork

About Chirimen fabric

Chirimen fabric has a unique uneven texture known as “shibo” (squeezing) which gives it characteristics of bright lustre, warmth and a gentle feeling. Chirimen made of silk, polyester or rayon is now common. Each material has good points and bad points and it is difficult to say which is best. We mostly use polyester and rayon for our Chirimen handicrafts which makes it possible to do soft and fine work. Therefore, even though everything is made by hand and is of high quality, unlike mass produced products made overseas, it is possible to offer our products at relatively affordable prices. While we do not normally deal with silk Chirimen, should you have a wish for one please contact us.

About Hina doll hanging decorations

Hina (princess) doll hanging decorations were traditionally used for a girl’s first celebration after her birth and to wish for her happiness. Personalized wishes are included in each piece. For example, a baby wrapped in a futon means “to have a happy life surrounded by affection,” a cherry blossom means “to grow beautifully and gracefully,” a peach means “to sweep away evil and invite good fortune,” sandals mean “to be able to walk healthily,” cranes and turtles signify “to live long and healthy,” and so on.
Even though the origin of these ornaments was for celebrating such festivals, nowadays they are not limited to the season of festivals and have become familiar to people who love handicrafts.


We produce charming handiworks to adorn festivals such as the Peach flower (Girl’s Day) festival (March 3) and lovely, majestic decorations for the Boy’s Day festival (May 5) and more.


We mainly produce fine works to conjure up an image of a fresh and cool feeling in the summer.


We mainly produce decorations that conjure up images of the vivid autumn colours and elegant moonlit nights characteristic to autumn.


We focus on producing charming pieces to adorn Christmas and New Year as well as decorations for the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Aoshima Chirimen Craftwork

The joy of viewing, the joy of craft-making

Most of the items handled at the shop are of two kinds: production kits and finished products.
Handicraft production kits contain cloths and decorations for you to make Chirimen crafts. You put together the kit yourself from purchased items. Since the production kit is not itself a finished product, please make sure of the contents when you purchase a kit.
However, we are always pleased to make handicraft production kit collections for you as a finished product. Please contact us about it if you wish.

Examples of Chirimen pieces

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